EduNation Islands: Groups and Abilities
Those involved with EduNation Islands belong to one of five groups, as listed below, with each group having different rights on the islands:

1. No group membership
2. EduNation Visitor
3. EduNation Resident
4. EduNation Officer
5. EduNation Owner

1. Users of EduNation Islands who have no group membership (Category 1) may still use the resources of the island for educational purposes, and may still rez items on the island, but their items will disappear after a time, depending on the autoreturn settings for the plot where they are located. For many students, this group (or lack thereof) is adequate.

2. The EduNation Visitor group was specifically created for plot owners on the islands who want their students to be able to create and/or display items on their plots for an extended period. Membership in this group gives that ability---it bypasses the autoreturn. EduNation Residents (see below) may add their students as Visitors, although we encourage them to do so only when needed since the autoreturn function is a good feature for most students (so you don't have to pick up after them!).

3. The EduNation Residents group primarily consists of the plot owners. The key abilities for avatars in this group are:

4. EduNation Officers have a number of additional abilities over residents. This is a small group who also serve as the troubleshooters for the island. They can change most settings on any parcel (beyond the settings controlled by residents) and can also delete objects set to the group (e.g. items left out accidentally by EduNation Visitors). This is an invitation only group.

5. EduNation Owners areā€¦.owners. We can do anything! (insert evil laugh here).