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Welcome to the EduNation Islands homepage.

The EduNation islands are focused on the potential for Virtual Worlds (VWs) to enhance the language learning process and is maintained by a community of educators who contribute towards paying for the rent of the islands in Second Life.

The three owners Randall Sadler [Randall Renoir], Heike Philp [Gwen Gwasi] and Paul East as well as ever present Carol Rainbow (see contact information) dedicate their time and resources to provide this virtual space in a not-for-profit manner.


This includes the use of Virtual Worlds like Second Life for the purpose of:

  • Virtual World Telecollaboration

  • Educational Simulations

  • Virtual Classrooms

  • Class Exchanges

  • and much more

EduNation Islands

EduNation I

For experienced second life users and their own builds (15 plots)

EduNation III

Custom built housing available for fast and easy set-up of offices or training centers (20 plots)


NEW: EduNation in OpenSim





You can also follow the "Contact Information" link to request more information.



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